Chris daughtry lady gaga poker face

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Chris Daughtry Lady Gaga Poker Face

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Q&A: Daughtry and the "Poker Face" Cover


While not really a true cover, Lady Gaga pays tribute to the Great Canadian with her piano rendition of this classic cut from Harvest.

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Sung Yul Taylor says: Daughtry — Poker Face. Its Just Meh Lol says: She wore a silvery leotard with a giant star on her shoulder and tassels. As the song progressed to the intermediate verse, the violinist played a hoe-down version of the music and Gaga danced around frantically over the stage.

The piano version was played by Gaga while balancing on the piano stool and holding one leg up in the air.

The song was originally entitled "I Poke Her Face" but was changed to make it more acceptable for radio. Singing it like your life depends on it makes no sense.

Reviews Video Casino videos Poker Video. Off-topic posts will be removed. The song is not particularly emotional. All the proceeds from the auction went to the Lupus Foundation of America. The performance started with Gaga sitting at a Plexiglass piano filled with bubbles and bathed in pink light.

After the first chorus, the pace increased whence the original intro for the song started. This is a critique that goes beyond this performance ranting.

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Misusing these words in an attempt to make another reader defend against an accusation or to create a false equivalence with actual racism and bigotry will be considered trolling see Rule 5. I am a lie, and every day I kill to make it true.

The idea behind the song was to be with a man but fantasizing about a woman, hence the man in the song needs to read her "Poker Face" to understand what is going through her mind. Featured in the video are scenes of Gaga in a mansion and dancing poolside with her dancers in a turquoise leotard.

Priya Elan from The Timesin a review for The Fame, said that "Poker Face" was one of the finest moments of the album with its "love-as-card-game cheek". He certainly deserves it for finally giving this song what it was missing.

She suggested that the song dealt with her personal experience with bisexuality.

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Gaga wore a dress made of guns and during the performance she pumped her hands in the air. May 21, at 5: Word of a Rebel says: It prevented Ellen DeGeneres from greeting her because of the size of the gear. The performance ended with Gaga staring towards the audience while revealing an open zipper, patched over her left eye.

It was later released as a track on his single " Rain ".

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Modern performers seem to think that more is more. Although the culture wars will not be won in this subreddit, it is OK to discuss differing viewpoints. The video also features several white mannequins on her swimming pool deck.

May 21, at 6: Finally this song recieves justice!!! Big Dog Lintern says: It begins with Gaga emerging from the pool wearing a mirror masquerade mask and a black sleeveless latex bodysuit with a jagged shoulder pad, with two Great Danes beside her. The Artpop Ball tour, Gaga performed the song in a medley with "Just Dance" and "Telephone" while wearing knee-length white dress and heels, and a bob wig.

Courtney The Alien says: On the chart dated December 13,"Poker Face" ascended to the number one spot and then spent nine non-consecutive weeks at the top.

Poker Face

Abusive or trolling comments. While we are on the subject of Lady Gaga covers, the Commander-in-Chief of the Little Monster Army has turned out a few cover songs of her own over the years, many of which are worth a listen.

An "American Idol" alum covering something! Although all the instruments in this song were replaced with kazoosany cover with the audacity to include an all-kazoo orchestra deserves to make the list.

Chris Daughtry you rock my world! Set Your Goals, "Just Dance" Although all the instruments in this song were replaced with kazoosany cover with the audacity to include an all-kazoo orchestra deserves to make the list. Also put this on my MySpace if you wanna grab it on there.

The video ends with the head shot of Gaga singing the Mum-mum-mum-ma hook. Trolls and brigaders will be banned summarily.

Edward Joed Luna says: Juan Vicente Lagunday says: She has refreshed the pop world in the US and UK at one of the slowest times of the year.

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Racism and hate speech will not be allowed. She throws the mask aside and the song begins with a facial shot of Gaga singing it. Подпишитесь, чтобы не пропустить новые публикации. Gaga explained in an interview with them that the line carries a bit of an undertone of confusion about love and sex.

Both are really good. Daughtry has been my most favorite artist from the beginning, and absolutely LOVE this cover.

First she played an acoustic version first before going on to the normal version, [78] and a rock version on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. What an honor it was to see you win American Idol and become the superstar you were meant to be! After three weeks, it climbed to number one, thus giving Gaga her second consecutive British number one single.

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Poker Face

Sure, it may sound a bit like her own reworking of "Poker Face," but Lady Gaga forgetting the words to a Coldplay song makes her just like us.

Their version debuted at position on the Billboard Hotand moved up to a peak of 20 on the next week.

People who were once actors but became Royals or politicians e. She started singing the second verse of "Poker Face" in a Bette Midler style accompanied by a violin player while wearing a shiny aluminum shoulder pad and platinum bleached blond wig.

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