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Poker Pik

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Pik-Ass Ale No. 1 Poker Trick


Cards will be printed on the ticket in the same order they are dealt on the customer display screen.

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Straights and straight flushes are ranked according to "High Cards - Gaps". Note that you must play with 5 coins to achieve this payout. If you have choice between two ways to form 3 to a straight or straight flush, choose the one with the higher value of "High Cards - Gaps".

The written strategy is not optimal, but it is close enough to maintain a low house edge. High Cards is the number of cards ranked 9 to A.

With a house edge of 0. Overall prize payout is The time on the ticket will match the time on the customer display screen at the time of printing.

If an instant prize is redeemed after the draw has been held, instant win and draw prizes will be automatically combined and paid to the player. Select the lowest numbered choice that you can form with your initial hand.

The standard deviation per hand of other video poker variations is listed below for comparison. Match the cards drawn to win. Traditional lotto numbers are replaced with playing cards.

After making the selection between the 3rd and 4th card, the player has a 3-card hand. The Exchange Ticket indicates that the instant prize has already been paid.

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The five cards from your ticket are dealt in an animated fashion on the customer display screen for you to view. Win by matching 2, 3, 4 or all 5 cards.

No poker knowledge or skills are required to play. Draws are held daily. The instant win message indicates if the ticket is a winner or a non-winner of an instant prize.

I have only seen the three paytables below at RTG casinos. The player is dealt 4 cards from a single deck.

For example, the hand 9TJ has a "High Cards - Gaps" ranking of 3 since there are 3 high cards and no gaps. Your cards are dealt on the customer display screen for you to view. You win instantly if the cards on your ticket form a winning poker hand as per the instant win prize structure.

The remaining two cards are dealt to form a 5 card hand, then the hand is scored according to the listed paytable. If an instant prize is redeemed prior to the nightly draw, the retailer will provide the player with an Exchange Ticket that is valid for the nightly draw.

See the lotto draw prize structure for details. Rules and Play The player is dealt 4 cards from a single deck.

Tickets are sold daily until 9 p. The player must keep the first 2 cards, and must choose to hold either the 3rd card or the 4th card.

Preis-Kalkulator für Poker, internationales Blatt

Gaps is the number of breaks in the straight. While the hand has a ranking of -2 since there are no high cards and two gaps.

Available in Ontario only. Five winning cards are drawn nightly.

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